Paul Brehm

 Welcome! My name is Paul Brehm, and I teach the fifth/sixth grade class at Prince of Peace Lutheran, Anaheim.


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     My educational background includes undergraduate studies at Concordia, Irvine and a master’s degree from California State University, Fullerton. I completed my student teaching at Hong Kong International School in Hong Kong and spent one quarter studying in Mexico City through an exchange program at Concordia, Irvine.

     I work within the Lutheran school system because I share its philosophy that education should be Christ-centered. Christian education prepares children for living in this world and eternity.

     An educational environment should be challenging, flexible in its approach to the individual, also balanced and varied in its subject matter. Institutional and self-assessment based on current and proven standards of curriculum and instruction should be an ongoing process.

     We begin and end each school day with prayer. In between we work to put God first and to love our classmates as ourselves.


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